Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers to all of those car repair unknowns.

We receive so many calls and questions about insurance claims.  To assist you in processing your insurance claim and to answer any unknown questions, we have provided a list of our most common questions and their respective answers.

Where are you located?

We are in Old Town St. Peters, across I-80 from Mid River Mall.  From the Mid River Mall exit, take the outer service road on the north side and go west (that will changes into Main St.).  When you enter Old Town, go to the bridge as you are leaving Old Town (only 3 blocks) and turn left on Gatty Street.  We are a half block down on the right side.  107 Gatty Drive.

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:30pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

What do I do in case of an accident?

Check to see if everyone is okay.

Call the Police.  Insurance companies base fault for an accident off the Police accident report.  Get names and address and phone numbers of all parties involved, what insurance company they have and their agent name and number.  Get driver’s license numbers if possible.  Take as many photos as you can…if no camera, make a sketch of the scene.

Can I take my car to any body shop?

Missouri law provides that you can take your car to any body shop for repairs.  Your insurance company might try to steer you to a certain shop but you have the final say.

Which insurance companies do we work with?

We work with all insurance companies.  If your insurance company wants to do a repair that will not make a quality repair, you will be the first to know.

How can I get my car towed?

During business hours, call us and we will arrange the tow for you.  If after hours, call a towing service and have your vehicle towed to us.  Most towing companies in their area will bill us.  Here are some local towing services:

  • A1 Towing – 636.946.2470
  • A&A Towing – 636.300.9100
  • Budget Towing – 636.327.3270
  • Sherman Towing – 636.278.4400
Is there a warranty on my repairs?

Yes!  We warranty any workmanship and paint for as long as you own the car.  For more information on warranties, please contact us directly for the most updated policy.

If my car frame is damaged is the car a total loss?

No.  A car is total loss when the price of repairs exceeds the insurance company’s determined value of your car or when the car is structurally not repairable.  Today most cards built using unibody construction, meaning that frame and body are one.  If a section of the frame is beyond repair we can simply replace that section.

Do I have to pay the deductable?

Yes.  The deductible must be paid per your insurance policy requirements when you pick up your car.

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept payment by person or insured check, debit cards, VISA, Master Card, Discover or cash for payment.

What is a paintless dent repair?

It is a cost effective way to fix a door ding or hail damage that will not require auto body and paint work to be done.  We can advise you if that is an option when your car is being inspected.

What is a direct repair shop?

It is a shop that has an agreement with an insurance company to repair the vehicles that are in accidents that involves that insurance company.  The shop must follow the guidelines and policy set forth by that company.

Do I have to get multiple estimates for my insurance company?

No.  Missouri law states that you only need one estimate of repairs.  We will negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company to insure a fair and proper repair.

How can I get a rental car?

We are an Enterprise Rent-A-Car agency.  Call us and we will arrange a rental car for you.  When you drop your car off for repairs, we will have a car waiting for you.  Insurance companies will only pay for rental car if you have that option on your policy or if you are a claimant.  Check your policy or call you agent or call us…we can find out for you if you have rental coverage and your coverage limitations.  If you don’t have rental coverage we will ensure you the lowest rates possible with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Will my parts be ordered before I drop off my car for repairs?

Yes.  We generally order the parts one week ahead of the scheduled time for repairs of your car.  That will help insure a quicker turn time for the repairs.

How long will it take to fix my car and when can I pick it up?

Every case is different, but we will do our best to get your car back to you as soon as possible.  We will give you an estimated time of completion.  You can contact us at any time and we will provide you with an update on the repairs.  We will contract you when you car is ready to be picked up.  Please feel free to call us at 636.278.6700, (St. Louis 636.397.6700).

What is a betterment charge?

Parts that normally wear out and you would replace over time are commonly subject to a betterment charge.  Parts such as batteries, ties, exhaust, and suspension parts that may need replaced during the repair process may be subject to betterment charges.  These charges are determined by your insurance company and are prorated to what the life of the part should be and the additional cost would have to be paid by you.